Rink Fees are now £4 which can be paid by one of the new £4 vouchers or a £3 voucher + £1 or £4 cash.

Vouchers are preferred as it helps in the office with less cash. 

£2 registration to be paid by each team member on the first game of any league you are in. (registration forms will be in your rink fee envelopes at the end of the rink.)

Greys and Whites to be worn for any type of game, any day at any time in the league season. With the exception of Friday Evening Social Bowling when casual clothes can be worn.

See the Diary Sheets on the board for the opportunity to book your own roll-ups.

League Time Organised Roll-ups

Wednesdays when the Senior Men are playing away.

You need to be there by 9.15 latest to register to enable the draw to take place for a 9.30 start on the bell

No Break £4 (see below for dates, which can also be seen on the green notice board and on the website.)

Friday nights please be there for a 7pm start tea/coffee break half way though £5

Sunday mornings from 8th October 10 am, no break £4


SEPTEMBER 20th & 27th

OCTOBER 4th & 25th

NOVEMBER 1st & 15th

DECEMBER 13th & 20th

JANUARY 3rd 17th & 24th

FEBRUARY 7th 14th & 28th

MARCH 13th & 20th

APRIL 3rd & 10th APRIL dates are subject to change depending on when the leagues finish and summer bowling begins




Many thanks to the members who have been down over the last few weeks and renewed their membership.

For the ones who couldn't make pre season there will be a committee member available to take your subs before the start of every league for the first week, so if you are still to pay please come down in good time to pay before your game. Please make the effort to pay in the first week.

Full Membership £60 Social membership (non Bowling) £10 Payment by Card or Cash no cheques please

£4 Rink Vouchers are available to purchase.

Please keep checking the

Forthcoming Events page.

PLEASE SEE THE NEWS PAGE FOR THE                           LATEST EMAIL UPDATE                         


Welcome to Whittlesey Indoor Bowls Club

The club is run by the members for the members on a volunteer basis, we cater for all levels of ability regardless of age or experience.

There are five rinks in use at a cost of £3 per game for members. (increased to £4 from 1st September 2023.)

Membership fees are currently £60 per year. The year starts 1st September every year,                   

Various leagues run from September to April along with a number of competitions.

Friendly matches are played at weekends against other clubs/organisations.

Roll-ups are organised throughout the season and also the summer period. 

New Bowlers

New bowlers can learn the game over five Saturday mornings of free training. 

This years training will commence. September 2nd 2023                                                                Look out for the advert in The Fens Magazine. 

Players will receive training and be mentored in the rules of the sport by volunteer members.

There is no charge for these introductory lessons.

The only requirement is to bring with you a pair of clean, flat soled none marking footwear to change into.

If you wish to come along please contact the club. (details below)

If you can't attend these lessons but would still like to have some training with a view to joining the club at sometime during the season pop down to the club and have a chat. The office is not manned all the time but there is usually a committee member on site. Or telephone us on 01733 202209 and leave a message if no one is available to answer. From now until September the club is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings for friendly casual roll-ups. Pop down to see us and have a chat and possibly a try out.

Entrance to the club is by the side doors to the right of the building.


These Rules are Applicable to all Members


Men:-White above the waist except when wearing approved team or club colours. Grey Trousers.

Women:- White above the waist except when wearing team or club colours. Grey skirt or trousers.


Bowling shoes with completely smooth soles and no heel.  No other type of footwear will be permitted.


The use of foul language, abuse or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.

Respect other players by moderation of voice and avoid unnecessary calling down the rinks.

When changing ends avoid unnecessary delay and respect play on adjacent rinks.

Have consideration for other bowlers when retrieving bowls from the gutters.

Indicate when intending to fire.

Follow-on players are not allowed to encroach beyond the wall until the previous players have left the rink area.

Have due consideration to players on adjacent rinks if many bowls are sent down the rink together.                                      Spectators and members waiting to play are to moderate their voice in consideration of bowlers.


Membership fees are to be paid before the end of September each year.

Rink fees for all games and roll-ups are to be paid prior to play.

Competition entry fees are to be paid when signed up.

Members joining later in the season are entitled to a pro rata discount of membership fees.

Full members are entitled to bowl at any of the indoor season and summer sessions.

Members may bring a guest player for roll-ups.  Rink fees are payable

A novice player, under tuition, may play three times before rink fees are payable.

Group novices, under tuition, (i.e. recruitment drives) may play five times before rink fees are payable.

Social membership entitles access to club facilities excluding bowling.  Social members cannot vote on bowling matters.


All league and competition players must be paid-up bowling members of the club.

All players are to be registered before the first game.  The team captain is to ensure that the registration form is completed and the appropriate fees paid.

A registered player may only play for one team in any one league.

Substitutes will not be permitted to enter semi-finals or finals except in exceptional circumstances as considered by the Fixtures Secretary.

Any team or competition entrant unable to play (for whatever reason) in a semi-final or final will forfeit the game


All games are to be played in accordance with the rules of the English Indoor Bowling Association (EIBA)

League games are not to be started until the bell is sounded.  When the finishing bell sounds, an end in play may be completed providing the jack has been set.

Players at the head are to stand back from the jack and not stand in the sight line of the bowler and jack.

The head may only be inspected prior to each team's last bowl of the game.


Games will be 18 ends (or up to the finish bell)

If, for reason of illness, a game cannot be completed, with agreement of all players, the game shall be deemed to have been played and the score stands provided at least 11 ends have been played.  If 11 ends have not been played then the game must be replayed and will be classed as a cancelled game.

Two points will be awarded for a win and one point for a draw.  League tables will be based upon points together with “for” and “against” bowls.

Should a team fail to attend a game within 30 minutes of the start time the opposing team will be awarded the game (2 points and 10 shots).  The defaulting team will pay both rink feesShould neither team attend, no points will be awarded and the game considered void.  Each team to pay rink fees.

Any team unable to field three players in a triples game may play two players but no extra bowls will be played.  A third player may not join in a game so started without the approval of the opposing skip.  Full rink fees are to be paid.

Scorecards must be fully completed and noted at the bottom if it is a cancelled catch-up game or double header.  Failure to do so will result in the game not being entered correctly on the system and penalty points not being removed..


Every effort should be made by the team captain to obtain a substitute rather than cancel a game.

In the event that a game has to be cancelled it is the responsibility of the cancelling team captain to notify the opposition.  The team captain is to notify the office and complete a cancellation slip.  If the other team and club are not notified the game will be considered as “fail to attend”.

When a game is cancelled, the team cancelling will incur a penalty of 2 points.  These points will be reinstated when the game is subsequently played.

Games played ahead of due dates will not incur penalties.

Cancelled games must be played within 4 weeks.  Failure to do so will result in the game being forfeited and awarded to the non-cancelling team (2 points and 10 shots).  Rink fees are payable by each team.  If for any reason a game cannot be re-arranged then the Fixtures Secretary must be notified who will then decide on a result.

Evening games are exempt from the 4 week criteria owing to rink availability.

HEALTH & SAFETY It is the responsibility of all members to act in a manner as not to put themselves or others at risk of injury. Should a member notice anything that is likely to be a hazard they are to bring it to the notice of a committee member.