“Summer” Roll-ups

Starting Tuesday19th April 2022

Tuesdays mornings 9.30 start with break half way through for tea/coffee & biscuits £3.50.

Wednesday morning 9.30 start, book your own roll-up in advance and pay £3 as if you were paying for league matches. Envelopes are available in the holders on the wall to the right of the office door.

Thursday mornings 9.30 start, with break half way through for tea/coffee & biscuits £3.50.

Friday night 7pm start, our usual social bowling which goes on throughout the year with a break half way through for tea/coffee and biscuits £3.50

Club Rink Vouchers can be used for all these Roll-ups, please keep buying them and try keep Bobs trips to the Post Office with bags of coins to a minimum. Thanks

All roll-ups will be monitored for attendance, and after a period if it’s not practical or economical to run any one of them it could be changed or cancelled.

Please keep checking the

Forthcoming Events page.



Welcome to Whittlesey Indoor Bowls Club

The club is run by the members for the members on a volunteer basis, we cater for all levels of ability regardless of age or experience.

There are five rinks in use at a cost of £3 per game for members.

Membership fees are currently £60 per year. The year starts 1st September every year, (Year 2022/23 will be £50 for that one year only)

Various leagues run from September to April along with a number of competitions.

Friendly matches are played at weekends against other clubs/organisations.

Roll-ups are organised throughout the season and also the summer period.

New Bowlers

New bowlers can learn the game over five Saturday mornings of free training.

This years training will commence. September 3rd 2022, Look out for the advert in The Fens Magazine.

Players will receive training and be mentored in the rules of the sport by volunteer members.

There is no charge for these introductory lessons.

The only requirement is to bring with you a pair of clean, flat soled none marking footwear to change into.

If you wish to come along please contact the club. (details below)

If you can't attend these lessons but would still like to have some training with a view to joining the club at sometime during the season pop down to the club and have a chat. The office is not manned all the time but there is usually a committee member on site. Or telephone us on 01733 202209 and leave a message if no one is available to answer. From now until September the club is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings for friendly casual roll-ups. Pop down to see us and have a chat and possibly a try out.

Entrance to the club is by the side doors to the right of the building.